National Improved Medicare for All Bills

Health Over Profit for Everyone supports HR 1384: The Medicare for All Act of 2019 introduced by Rep. Pramila Jayapal as the strongest bill currently in Congress. Our gold standard is the Physician’s Working Group Proposal drafted by Physicians for a National Health Program and embodied in the former bill, HR 676.

Links to Legislation:



Download a chart comparing HR 676, S 1804 and the draft of Congresswoman Jayapal’s 2019 bill: Jayapal draft chart

Handouts on legislation

One pager on HR 1384: HR1384 one pager

One pager comparing HR 676 and HR 1384: HR 676 v HR 1384 Flyer

Flyer on improvements to HR 1384: Jayapal Bill Flaws Flyer

Summary of strengths and weaknesses of HR 1384: Summary of HR 1384

Chart on transition to Senate Bill: Chart of Transition for Senate Medicare for All Act

People’s Talking Points on National Improved Medicare for All: Peoples Talking Points

Materials to educate Congress

Congressional packet: Click on the link to download a packet of materials that you can use when visiting your member of Congress. You may want to revise the cover letter to reflect yourself or your group. HFAY-candidate-pack-v5.0-w_cover-1

One pager for Health Legislative Assistant: HR 676 v HR 1384 Flyer

Handouts: Lobby Day One Pager FINAL

National study on financing National Improved Medicare for All: Financing National Improved Medicare for All 2018

One pager on financing and cost savings of National Improved Medicare for All: Financing National Improved Medicare for All Friedman 2018

Comparison chart for ACA and Republican House and Senate bills

Summary of Congressional Briefing: Don’t Weaken Medicare – Strengthen It and Expand It to All

False Proposals

Handout on the Center for American Progress’ “Medicare Extra for All”: Medicare Extra Fact Sheet

Handout on public option versus Medicare for All: The Public Option vs Medicare for All F

Slide show on incrementalism:

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