Visit the “Convince me” page to learn more about how to approach various constituencies.

Businesses: Richard Master, the chair and CEO of MCS Industries and producer of the documentary “Fix It”, in partnership with the American Sustainable Business Council, launched Business Leaders Transforming Healthcare. If you know business owners who might be interested, send them to BLTH.org. You can also download this template and print business cards (one-sided or two-sided) to hand out to local businesses.

Download the template here: BLTH

Download a sample brochure for reaching out to local businesses here:

Labor: Click here for a page of tools for organizing with Labor Unions.

Put a Sign in Your Window: Ask  everyone to put up signs that say HR676 – NIMA.  Begin on your own front door, then on your vehicle, and then around your town. Don’t forget to ask your local home-town businesses, churches, and social organizations to join you in this campaign. Make your own sign. We also made graphics for signs that you can download here. If you would like a larger file to print up to 18 by 24 inches in size, email us at Info@healthoverprofit.org to request the file.

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