People’s Talking Points about NIMA for Candidates


People’s Talking Points on National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA)
for Congressional Candidates

National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) is supported by a majority of people in the United States. Polls show consistent high support by Democrats (75 to 80%) and Independents (58 to 60%) and growing support by Republicans (46%).

As constituents, we are asking you to have the courage to support NIMA publicly. Below are what we consider to be the most important and popular reasons to support NIMA.

  • NIMA covers all medically necessary care.
  • NIMA uses our healthcare dollars in the most efficient ways.
  • NIMA means our healthcare dollars are used for health care for everyone, not profits for a few.
  • NIMA gets rid of medical bills.
  • NIMA is simpler for patients and health providers.
  • NIMA gives health providers more time to spend with patients and less time on paperwork.
  • NIMA frees business owners to focus on their business instead of worrying about the cost of health insurance.
  • NIMA frees workers to leave their job if they don’t like it or to start their own business.
  • NIMA provides peace of mind.

Support the real solution: NIMA! Don’t fall for schemes that are not NIMA.

Some proposals use the language of NIMA, but they are NOT NIMA. When we say national improved Medicare for All, we are describing a healthcare system that is universal through automatic enrollment, publicly-financed without co-pays or deductibles, that covers medically-necessary services and goods and that takes profit out of the healthcare system. The healthcare system would negotiate fair prices for goods and services and ensure that all communities have access to necessary medical facilities.

We are NOT talking about:
– Giving access to health insurance if you can afford it. In other words, offering Medicare as an “option”.
– Lowering the age of Medicare eligibility (this does not create the universal healthcare system we need).
– Keeping Medicare Advantage plans. They cherry pick healthy patients, cost more and restrict care.
– Phasing in a universal healthcare system over time.

We are currently spending enough per capita on healthcare in the United States to provide high quality, comprehensive coverage to everyone. Doing anything less means suffering and preventable deaths.

Insurance companies must get out from between patients and their health providers.

Insurance companies, whether for-profit or non-profit, make our healthcare system more complicated and more expensive. They deny and restrict necessary medical care. They don’t belong in our healthcare system and we don’t need them.


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