Storm the Town Halls for NIMA

Members of Congress frequently go on recess and return to their home districts.

Members of Congress often hold public events, such as Town Halls, when they are home. Town Halls are a great place to meet other politically-active people, to get attention for your issue and to question members of Congress.

The Town Hall Project 2018 is tracking Congressional Town Halls. CLICK HERE TO FIND IF YOUR MEMBER AND SENATORS ARE HOLDING A TOWN HALL.

If you don’t see your members there, you can contact their local office directly to ask if they are planning a town hall.

Once you know the date, time and location of the town hall, let other people know by creating a Facebook page, emailing people and groups that you know and/or handing out flyers at events prior to the town hall.

Visit the Tools for Action page for more information about visibility and bird dogging ideas. Bring signs, wear T shirts with your message, bring flyers about National Improved Medicare for All to hand out, bring a sign up sheet in case you meet people who are interested in this issue and make sure you have someone to take photos and even video. It’s great to get your member of Congress’ commitment on video.

Let us know about your town hall and we will post it on the Action Map.

We are asking Representatives to co-sponsor HR 676: the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act. If they already co-sponsor it, thank them and ask them to do more – they can write about it, speak about, urge other members to support it, etc.

We are asking Senators to introduce a senate version of HR 676.

Contact us at if you need any assistance.


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