Americans are dying because they can’t afford their insulin

“My son and Jesy, they were murdered. They were killed by big Pharma. The cause of death should actually be on their death certificates, corporate greed.” By Ruth Milka for Nation of Change Prices of insulin have skyrocketed over the past 15 years and Americans are paying with their lives. The same vial of insulin […]

As Drug Prices Rise, Is Boston’s Prosperity Based On A Moral Crime?

By Dr. Vikas Saini for WUBR Prescription drug prices have become a high-profile issue, with a growing clamor from politicians, including Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, seeking to take action. There are many laudable elements in Baker’s proposal to negotiate prices directly with drug makers, despite its narrow focus, but such efforts are doomed to become […]

Before Big Pharma Kills Us, Maybe Public Pharma Can Save Us

Drug companies are abandoning antibiotic research to make more money elsewhere. Yet another reason why we need a publicly owned company. By Dana Brown for The American Prospect Drug-resistant “superbugs” are predicted to kill more people per year than cancer by 2050. Already, more than two million Americans annually are infected with bacteria that have evolved to […]