Medicare For All Is The Care Every Family Needs

I could tell stories for hours about patients I know whose health has worsened because they can’t afford to see physicians like me, fill their prescriptions, or get essential tests By Laura Kaplan-Weisman for Common Dreams My name is Dr. Laura Kaplan-Weisman, and I am a family physician from Maryland. I provide primary care to […]

People Lose Their Employer-Sponsored Insurance Constantly

By Matt Bruenig for People’s Policy Project Nancy Pelosi said this about Medicare for All yesterday: “When most people say they’re for Medicare-for-all, I think they mean health care for all. Let’s see what that means. A lot of people love having their employer-based insurance and the Affordable Care Act gave them better benefits,” said […]

How My Republican Parents Convinced Me the U.S. Needs Single-Payer Healthcare

By V.R. Craft for Millennial Politics H.O.P.E. Note: Click here to check out our “Convince Me” Tools for Various Constituencies INCLUDING Conservatives Twice, my Republican mother has almost died from a lack of affordable health care, but she still hates the idea of a single-payer system. The first time she almost died she was at […]

Pharma & Insurance Gave $43M to the 130 House Democrats Not Backing Medicare for All

By Carl Gibson for GritPost Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington) recently rolled out House Democrats’ version of a Medicare for All proposal that would ensure all Americans have guaranteed healthcare. The bill (H.R. 1384) has an impressive 106 co-sponsors, and has been called “the most ambitious Medicare-for-All plan yet” by Vox, which also reported the benefits […]

Eighty-seven million adults are inadequately insured

Health Insurance Coverage Eight Years After the ACA By Sara R. Collins, Herman K. Bhupal, and Michelle M. Doty for The Commonwealth Fund The greatest deterioration in the quality and comprehensiveness of coverage has occurred among people in employer plans. More than half of Americans under age 65 — about 158 million people — get […]

Your Health Care is a Business Opportunity?

Published on Circleville Herald The floodlight lit Cleveland Clinic at night towered over Cleveland’s dirt poor east side like an Egyptian pyramid. As a paramedic on those desperate streets I could see the plush helicopters chauffeuring the Arab oil sheiks in for their cardiac bypass grafts. Some say this is proof America has the best […]

Insurance companies are supposed to be heartless. That’s why we need single-payer

Letters to the Editor in the Los Angeles Times To the editor: Michael Kinsley is arguably correct when he writes regarding the denial of coverage for people with preexisting conditions: “The insurance companies are not behaving like heartless monsters. They are behaving like insurance companies.” Well, they may or may not be monsters, but insurance […]