Corporate and “Progressive” Democrats Threaten Medicare Itself

By Charles Andrews for Dissident Voice The Democratic Party won a majority in the House of Representatives in the November 2018 elections by making health care one of its top “messages.” Yet events from Bernie Sanders’ bill of 2017 to legislation that “progressive” Representative Pramila Jayapal introduced on February 27, 2019 show that the Party […]

Single-payer health care would be a vast improvement

By Jay D. Brock – OpEd for Washington Post Regarding Ronald A. Klain’s Feb. 7 Thursday Opinion commentary, “How Democrats could squander their advantage on health care”: There seems to be increasing unease about the state of U.S. health insurance. And with good reason: The current system, based on multiple payers, including large numbers of […]

How the Private Health-Care Industry Is Working to Kill Medicare for All

Americans across the political spectrum are longing for change in health care but are worried about what changes might mean. Industry lobbyists see that as their opening. By David M. Perry for Pacific Standard Here’s the good news when it comes to access to health care: Americans are ready for change. Every serious Democratic candidate […]

61% of hospital leaders say single-payer would help lower healthcare costs

By Alia Paavola for Becker’s Hospital Review A new report from the New England Journal of Medicine-Catalysts about trends in payer-provider integration suggests that the industry is warming up to single-payer — with 61 percent of hospital leaders saying single-payer would boost the industry’s efforts to lower costs and provide better care. For its report, […]