We need strong public health care to contain the global corona pandemic

By Wim De Ceukelaire and Chiara Bodini for Viva Salud The corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak has spread from China to over a hundred countries in less than two months. As of March 10th, confirmed cases were above 100.000 and deaths over 4.000. Now is the time to take stock and to assess the responses of […]

Negin Owliaei: No one should have to bargain for health care

By Negin Owliaei for Lenconnect.com Nearly 50,000 members of the United Auto Workers began striking earlier this month, demanding that General Motors pay them their fair share of the billions in profits the company raked in last year. The first response from General Motors was shocking. The automaker, which accepted billions in government bailouts during […]

Not Every Union Is Buying Into the Lies about Medicare for All

By Caitlin Cruz for Splinter News Several presidential candidates have cast Medicare for All as a blow to the labor movement because it would shift workers away from hard-won employer healthcare and into a government-run system. But not all unions are going along with the idea. This year, the Association of Flight Attendants was instrumental […]

What Medicare For All Would Have Meant A Decade Ago

Imagine if a new generation could experience guaranteed care, with quality not determined by wealth or income, but instead delivered as the human right it should be. By Jarod Facundo for Inequality.org For years my aunt Sylvia knew something was wrong. She told doctors she was experiencing pain, but they shrugged it off as age-related. […]

Why we need Medicare for All

By Dr. Jack Donaldson for VC Star Angélica is a 44-year-old, undocumented, transgender woman who I have only seen a handful of times. In 2017, she qualified for one month of care under emergency Medi-Cal, after a visit to the emergency room. I was able to start her on gender-affirming hormones, but shortly thereafter she […]

Medicare for all would save money — and lives

The last thing on your mind during a ride to the ER should be: Is this going to bankrupt me? By Negin Owliaei for Nation of Change One night a few years ago, my partner woke up delirious with fever, a bright rash, and joint pain so bad he couldn’t get out of bed without […]

Doctor: National health care is a ‘moral imperative’

By Jenny Gray for Fulton Sun This week, Dr. Robert Blake, emeritus professor of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Missouri, remembered a patient who died, but possibly could have lived a longer life. “He was a farmer and had high blood pressure,” Blake said. The farmer had an insurance policy with a […]