Medicare-for-all would help pay for long-term care. Why don’t more people know that?

By Helaine Olen for Winston Salem Journal When Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., spoke about Medicare-for-all at the July 30 Democratic presidential debate, he talked about how it would improve coverage for people currently receiving it. “For senior citizens, it will finally include dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses,” he said. But Sanders forgot to mention […]

Harvard researchers: ‘Medicare for All’ wouldn’t overwhelm hospitals

By Jacqueline Renfrow for Fierce Healthcare There seems to be no evidence that supports the belief that there would be a surge in hospital use if the government implements “Medicare for All,” according to a new analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.  Much of the debate around Medicare for All centers on a fear […]

Judge blocks Trump Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas, Kentucky

By Jessie Hellmann for The Hill A federal judge has blocked Medicaid work requirements approved by the Trump administration in Arkansas and Kentucky after more than 18,000 people have already lost coverage. Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, an Obama appointee, ruled Wednesday afternoon in two separate cases that the Trump […]

How ‘Medicare for All’ went from pipe dream to mainstream

Universal health care debates could shape the 2020 election — and the future of the Democratic Party By Mary Ellen McIntire for Roll Call Political candidates and activists in Maine, especially in rural areas, often got a sharp reaction five years ago when they knocked on doors to promote universal health care. “The reaction was, […]

Medicare for All: What it is, what it isn’t

By Jon Greenberg for PolitiFact Ever since Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders fired up the Democratic base two years ago with his plan to deliver Medicare for All, the idea has become a kind of yardstick for measuring a candidate’s support for a single-payer health care system. But Medicare for All presents challenges both practical and […]

Why Medicare-for-All is looking better and better after the midterms

By Jeff Spross for The Week Medicaid had a big election night. Four states, all of them pretty red, had Medicaid expansion on the ballot. Three of those referendums won on Tuesday. In another two states that had refused the expansion, Democrats took the governorships. As Vox‘s Sarah Kliff noted, this could all result in […]

As lawyers argue Medicaid expansion case, uninsured Mainers forgo health care

Thousands of low-income residents who don’t have health insurance are skimping on medications or passing up on treatment as they wait for access to Medicaid coverage that voters approved 11 months ago. By Joe Lawlor for Press Herald Eric Spahn knows he should be taking better care of his deteriorating health, but without insurance and […]

Doctor: National health care is a ‘moral imperative’

By Jenny Gray for Fulton Sun This week, Dr. Robert Blake, emeritus professor of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Missouri, remembered a patient who died, but possibly could have lived a longer life. “He was a farmer and had high blood pressure,” Blake said. The farmer had an insurance policy with a […]