The time for single-payer system is now

By Chuck Pezeshki for the Moscow-Pullman Daily News I read in the Daily News (“Old Peking owner retired, but grateful,” Sept. 1) with a fair amount of chagrin about the closing of the Old Peking Restaurant in Moscow. The owner, Vinh “Sam” Huy Tran, is being forced by health reasons to close his operation of […]

The medical lobby is already peddling lies about Medicare-for-all

By Ryan Cooper for The Week Medicare-for-all is getting some real momentum behind it, with several more supporters winning congressional primaries on Tuesday night. The medical industry — drug companies, insurance companies, medical providers, and others — has thus been gearing up to preserve the fat profits they enjoy under the horrendous status quo. They’ve […]

The No-Brainer Case for Universal Long-Term Care

By Joel Dodge for People’s Policy Project Progressives have increasingly coalesced around a single-payer Medicare-for-All system as the goal for American healthcare. There is one piece of our healthcare system in particular where single-payer is the undeniably obvious solution: long-term care. Long-term care encompasses everything from nursing homes to home health aides to rehabilitation for […]

Government Healthcare Is Saving My Mum’s Life

By Libby Watson for Splinter My mother has lung cancer. At the end of last year, she began feeling breathless and tired, struggling with walks around the village I grew up in; in March, we found out a tumor was to blame. When she was diagnosed, I found myself constantly writing about it in my […]

4 Takeaways From Trump’s Plan To Rescind CHIP Funding

By Phil Galewitz for Kaiser Health News President Donald Trump wants to employ a rarely used budget maneuver called “rescission” to eliminate $15 billion in federal spending, including $7 billion from the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Administration officials insist the cuts wouldn’t negatively affect any programs — rather, they would merely return money […]

Single-Payer System Is the Solution for Mental Health Care, Panelists Say

By Kelly Davio for The American Journal of Managed Care In a discussion during the American Psychiatric Association 2018 Annual Meeting, held in New York, New York, a panel of psychiatrists argued that private insurance is failing patients with mental health disorders, and that a single-payer system would provide better access and better care for […]

Single-payer: Healthcare 10 times better than you ever dreamed of

By Chris Graham for Augusta Free Press I’m not here to give you chapter, verse and footnotes on single-payer, why we need to join the rest of the industrialized world in making access to healthcare a basic human right. You don’t need the data to tell you what’s right. If you’re of the mindset that […]

Louisiana to warn thousands of elderly, disabled they may lose Medicaid

By Avery Anapol for The Hill Louisiana is reportedly set to tell tens of thousands of elderly and disabled residents this week that they may lose Medicaid benefits in the coming months. The state Health Department is preparing to notify 37,000 people that due to state budget cuts eliminating four Medicaid programs, they could lose their […]

Trump challenges Native Americans’ historical standing

By Dan Diamond for Politico The Trump administration says Native Americans might need to get a job if they want to keep their health care — a policy that tribal leaders say will threaten access to care and reverse centuries-old protections. Tribal leaders want an exemption from new Medicaid work rules being introduced in several […]