Why the Private Health Insurance Industry Faces an Existential Crisis

A former health insurance executive says the moment the insurance industry fears most has arrived. By Wendell Potter for the Independent Media Institute I have told a lot of stories about my time near the top of the health insurance industry. This is not one I’ve ever shared, until now. Shortly before I left Cigna, […]

Assuring continuing access to health care in rural America

By Paul Morton Ganeles for Arizona Daily Star In his Aug. 22 op-ed, Dr. TK Kelly, an emergency medical MD, appropriately stressed the problems rural residents encounter when requiring emergency medical services. During my career, I served for some 28 years as a CFO in three major metropolitan teaching hospitals; a Medicare provider appeals judge […]

Medicare for All would improve outcomes, reduce costs

By Andrew Huston for Herald Tribune It is time that we transition to a health-care system that assures coverage of every man, woman and child in this nation while controlling costs. The central goals of Medicare for All are to significantly improve health outcomes for U.S. residents while also forming effective cost controls. An economic […]

We’re doctors, and we’re debunking myths about Medicare for All

By Eve Shapiro and Paul Gordon Special to the Arizona Daily Star As physicians who have been working on improving our health care system by implementing an improved “Medicare for All,” we are dismayed by the current debate on health care reform, both on the part of the journalists and politicians. We hope to clear […]

As Democrats Debate Single Payer, Humana’s Medicare Advantage Enrollment Soars

H.O.P.E. NOTE: As we advocate for National Improved Medicare for All, we must be aware that private health insurers are increasing their presence in Medicare through the so-called Medicare Advantage plans. We must be clear that we are advocating for a public system that excludes private insurance plans from covering what the system covers. No […]

Americans Actually Do Want Medicare for All

The media and the private insurance lobbyists are doing everything they can to twist the truth about public opinion on a public health system. Don’t listen: when it’s described accurately to them, a majority of Americans want Medicare for All. By Luke Savage for Jacobin America’s public debate on health care has long been riddled […]

Are You Sure You Actually ‘Like’ Your Private Health Insurance?

In 2018, as millions of Americans borrowed $88 billion to pay for health care, 62 CEOs of health care companies made a combined total of $1.1 billion in compensation By Dr. Sanjeev K. Sriram for Portside When I talk to friends, family, and colleagues about Medicare for All, sometimes someone asks, “but don’t people like […]

US Workers Are Paying High Taxes. But Without Any of the Benefits.

The United States is commonly thought of as a low-tax country. But workers effectively pay some of the highest taxes in the developed world — without getting a decent welfare state in return. By Matt Bruenig for Jacobin Magazine Comparing labor tax rates across countries is a tricky endeavor. Some countries rely mostly on income […]

Fox News town hall audience cheers Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All pitch

People seem open to abandoning their private health insurance. By Amanda Michelle Gomez for Think Progress Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, pitched his vision for the future of health care countrywide at a Fox News town hall Monday night and was met with cheers from the audience. After Sanders […]