Target Corporations

Perhaps there is a pharmaceutical corporation in your area that is price-gouging or stopping production of a necessary medication. Perhaps a local private insurance corporation is raising its rates, dropping coverage or preventing a patient from having access to necessary care. These are opportunities to raise awareness that health care shouldn’t be treated as a commodity. Health care is a public good,

Here are some ideas for creative direct action. Remember to consider who your target is – are you trying to reach the broader public with your message or trying to impact the corporation? Make sure your messaging and tactics serve your goals.

Picket a corporation
Hold a sit-in
Blockade or lock-down in an executive office
Attend a conference and disrupt it (watch the video here)

Direct Action Resources:

See Backbone Campaign’s toolkit for light projections, banner hangs, and more creative action ideas.
See Beautiful Trouble for other creative action/strategy ideas.
SOA Watch Handbook for NonViolent Direct Action
Ferguson Action Resources

Strategy Resources:

Check out the Strategy section of
Center for Story-Based Strategy
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