Convince Me: Tools for Various Constituencies


Businesses: Richard Master, the chair and CEO of MCS Industries and producer of the documentary “Fix It”, in partnership with the American Sustainable Business Council, launched Business Leaders Transforming Healthcare. If you know business owners who might be interested, send them to You can also download this template and print business cards (one-sided or two-sided) to hand out to local businesses.

Download the template here: BLTH

Frequently Asked Questions on Why Medicare for All is good for business.

New Coalition of Business Leaders Support Single Payer

Health Benefits from Small Businesses Keep Vanishing by Tom Murphy

A Businessman makes the Case for a Single Payer Healthcare System by Richard Master

Buffett: Health Care is the Real Problem for Business by Michael Douglass

I Finally agree that Single Payer would be Better for Business by Gene Marks

Health and Well-being for the Self-Employed and Small Business by Paul and Sarah Edwards



Finding the Common Ground: Speaking to Conservatives about Medicare for All: 170710 PRINT VERSION of Progressive Persuasions for HOPE call

The Seven Conservative Values of Single Payer: Seven conservative values of sps

There’s No Free Market Solution to Health Care by Geoff Coventry

Republican Support for Universal Coverage is Increasing by Sarah Kliff



Two-pager on the Public Option vs. Medicare for All: The Public Option vs Medicare for All

Power Point Presentation: Incrementalism As An Obstacle to Improved Medicare for All and How to Resist It


Disability Care

Medicare for All and Disparities in Disability Care.


Medicaid Beneficiaries

Handout on Medicare for All as “Better Medicaid”: Final – Medicaid Flyer -3-27-2018 — WEAP-HOPE


General Public

The Most Underrated Argument for Single Payer Health Care by Ryan Cooper – about paperwork

Single Payer could Stop the Rural Hospital Closure Crisis by Frances Gill

We are losing Our Rural Hospitals by Amy Goldstein

The Feminist Case for Single Payer by Natalie Shure

Hunger Games and Hospitals: The Crisis of Medical Crowdfunding by Brittany Shannahan

Begging for Our Lives by Margaret Flowers


Health Professionals

Physicians See Positives in Single Payer by Jeannie Naujeck

Physician Attitudes shift to Single Payer by Chicago Medical Society

Leading Medical Journal on Single Payer by PNHP



Labor: Click here for a page of tools for organizing with Labor Unions.

How Would Medicare for All help Healthcare Workers? by Michelle Chen

Everybody Wins with Single Payer by Berry Craig

Labor Support for National Improved Medicare for All Just got Stronger by The Stand